Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth – See You Again (Karaoke Version)


Karaoke sing along of “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth from “Furious 7” from Sing King Karaoke
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  1. Everybody only remembers kobe and others but we forget the true legend who died before them paul walker the true guy who deserves the spotlight

  2. I lost my favorit singer. His name was Kim Jonghyun. He was 27 when he died. He didn't kill imself society kill him. People was really mean with him even if he wasn't doing anything wrong. He was a pure angel and now he isn't in our world anymore. He DID NOT merite to die he was so kind and helpfull with every other people. He was the one who need love but he didn't get all the love he desirved. It was is birthday 1 week ago. He would have turn 30…But he have not. We miss you angel and we are really sorry to not love you has much has you deserved 💔💔💖💖

  3. I lost my 2 dogs 😭😭 I've had a new puppy to help me cope with there deaths I even cry writing this comment r.i.p skye an rico

  4. Did anyone forgot our shinee member JONGHYUN.. i will never forget him💜💜😞but im a armymoa… But missing a kpop idol hurts me soo much… Miss u baby love… Miss u JONGHYUN…. hope u are happy… Yesterday was ur birthday… I wish u a happy belated birthday baby love… Love u💜💜💜💜

  5. I song this song for my nana when she died I just I get to see her again I'm crying I hope you can hear me nana sorry everyone for your mom's or dare or grandparents or anties and uncules loss

  6. Made me cry my only grandma that was living died 😭😭😥
    Paul walker hasn't died,
    He just finished the race before we could. ❤️
    Paul walker hasn't died,
    He just finished the race before we could. ❤️

  7. he wasent famous here but he was famous in school rip luca calani he will be loved he was in my school and he died from the flu i had a crush on him and i didint get to tell him love you luca


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