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Hello again!

I animated my version of Musa’s Cosmix in these quarantine days. Even though I was not very happy with my storyboard yet I just told myself that, go for it and I think it turned out great with all these musical effects! It was super fun for me to animate her. I really hope you’ll like it!

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Thanks for season 1’s SFX which was done by MagicalMusa!
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Thank you for watching.
Hope you all enjoy!
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22 Replies to “Winx Club 8 Musa Cosmix”

  1. You make such cool videos 💖❤️and would you also edit me as a Winx character? 🥺💖💖 please

  2. rainbow that is just sad this is better than the original that's your sad I can't believe you made this you made this into a masterpiece and how you blended the old song with the new song perfection

  3. Can you please do enchantix re-master. Just enchantix but in better quallity. Maybe like every month new winx. That would be awesome
    Thanks for everything that you already did😃

  4. This is what I miss most about the show — their individuality! They’re so bland now it’s hard to tell who is even speaking or transforming. Your transformation is absolutely flawless! 200/10 phenomenal

  5. I love this, the fact that the beginning gave me chills and the nostalgic bass part, I am very amazed at this. Keep up the good work! 😀

  6. This looks so much like the show! You definitely improved a LOT! Can’t wait to see who's other transformations you’re working on!

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