What is the Best Multi-tool for Every Day Carry


At the time of Filming Jan 2019 this is a list of my Absolute Favorite Every Day Carry EDC Multitools that I have owed or Tested so far!

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  1. my favorite is actually the Gerber dime. it may not be the best, but it has a nice low price. I've gone through a couple but they have all lasted a long time

  2. I found a pair of pliers with high cost performance.Just US $29.65. It's Nextool brand.10-in-1 Mini Muti-tools. Assemble pliers, knive, screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener tools in one. Super mini in size, but strong in functions. Easily meet needs like cutting, twisting, screwing, peeling, etc. It offers elegant user feeling and rather convenient cary.


  3. Should have included pictures of each one with all the tools sticking out of each one. couldnt tell what they all had to work with.

  4. Everyone preaches Gerber good in well but every single one I’ve ever owned has broken. I’m not gonna lie, I’m rough on my Multi-Tools, i used to work maintenance and construction, on top of home repairs and lots of tinkering. The only Multi-Tools I have a hard time accidentally snapping in two are Leathermans, so I default to them. Am currently carrying a few Multi-Tools edc, I keep my Victorinox swisschamp in the backpack (it’s a beast, love it so much) I’ve got my Leatherman wave on my belt, a free T4 in my left pocket and a jets has leek in my right (also got a squirt on me but more for sentimental purposes) I know I have issues lmao I know all too well. But I use all three of my primaries every day, for instance, I work in a kitchen now with hot wells, I use the pry bar on the free t4 to get the hotel pans lifted out of the hot wells and to move them seeing as they are hot with a rag. I use the pliers and other tools on the wave for quick fixes etc (eg a painting fell off the wall in the dining hall one day, I pulled the screw out of the wall with the pliers (the hole was stripped and I couldn’t get it out with my fingers) and I used the screwdriver to put it in the wall an inch to the left for rehanging) and the leek is my box cutter etc, had one with me for half a decade now and it’s still kicking. Recommend all mentioned tools here I do. I’ve broken two pairs of Gerber pliers and had a Gerber knife fall apart mid use on me before, but that may have been just luck of the draw, one in a million faulty knives or etc.

  5. 5:16 It's called a Swiss Tool, by Victorinox. I prefer it to any Leatherman model due to the quality of its design.

  6. I have leathermans: Surge & 2 rebars. Wanna get the squirt. I love them, but I ALWAYS have a victorinox on me. I use a suspension clip to my waistband. Much better than in my pocket. I use that toothpick everyday. I like the huntsman, farmer, & pioneer. If I'm not carrying the huntsman, I will have a classic paired with the farmer. Victorinox is my favorite because they are awesome, lightweight, & very low cost.

  7. Gerber centerdrive all day. I carry that and a CRKT combo blade. I can do anything. The only proble is accessing the other tools. A little cumbersome but they’re not needed for 90% of the time…

  8. I work in an office setting and bought the Squirt a couple months ago as part of an EDC revamp. I never carried a multi tool before and now I can never go back. Out of everything I carry, the Squirt gets the most use. I picked it for its size and tool set, and I love how such a small tool feels so well made and strong. The only issue I have is obvious: the size. Getting so much use out of it, I find myself wanting something beefier. I just purchased a Wave+ and a pocket clip. I can't wait to try it out.

  9. Is it just me or others feeel it too that reviewer feels like he is reviewing the most bad ass multi tools, where as there are lot others in the international market

  10. Men,first tool Leatherman is my the first) And I cannot tell you what this tool survives ! The best gift for a guy

  11. So many great Leathermans. Best;
    Value: wingman/sidekick/squirt ps4
    Workhorse: surge/st 300
    Edc: juice S2, Skeletool & free P2
    Quality: Charge+ tti
    My favourites might be Skeletool RX & P2. I can’t go back to my other Leathermans after the P2. I value its compact size and shape, tool set, pocket clip, one handed use, and tactile feel of using it. I kind of think the knife should have been 154cm though. Leathermans 420HC doesn’t stay sharp with much use unlike Buck’s 420HC.

  12. I edc the Free P4, is is by far the best Leatherman has to offer 🙂 The squirt PS4 is the most usefull on your table 🙂
    I got a Surge in my car, aswell

  13. Leatherman may be affordable for you guys in US, but not for me. Just too expensive. Also, a Victorinox SAK is a pocket knife with a few handy tools, not really comparable to a tool with folding pliers, is it?

  14. I really liked the old style Wave, unfortunately mine walked out of my house one day. I've got a centerfire now and its just way too bulky to be an EDC for me. I'm in a weird donut hole where there seem to only be multitools too small and limited or too large and overbuilt from what I really want


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