Western Digital My Passport 4TB 2.5'' USB Hard Disk Teardown (All the Chips)


I paid my last respects to an (almost) dead WD USB hard disk by tearing it down …
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I came about a Western Digital USB hard disk suffering from the “WD Slow Responding Bug” (links below). So I did the only thing humane and gave it the coup de grace by tearing it down.

That post mortem revealed a very neat design with a WD Blue 2.5″ disk sporting an UBS 3.0 connector at its core. Yes, the hard disk had an USB connector instead of a SATA one.

00:00 Intro – the “WD Slow Responding Bug”
01:32 Case – real easy to open and containing just the disk
04:33 Disk – some destructive measures at the end
20:34 Board – with most of the chips identified
25:56 Wrap-up – group picture with all the parts

YouTube search “WD Slow Responding Bug”:
YouTube video “WD My Book Data Recovery | Slow Responding Fix & Encrypted Data”:
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  1. man work on your accent if you record in english…. I couldnt listen to you… and prepera before you recording what you want to say

  2. I'm curious about how the spindle motor is factory-mounted into the base casting in manufactory? I want to remove the motor without using a hammer, or sawing off the casting.

  3. Great video, but for me, I'll never ever buy again a WD external HD in my life, all failed after a number of years, end of line. I am going for the SSD's rugged ones next time, cost what it costs, I don't care.

  4. Hi one of my 2 tb external hard diskshowing that i need to format it for further usage…..but it contains lot of data in it…..and i am scared to loose it…..any suggestions please?

  5. Hey, I've got the 2TB variant of this same drive. It doesn't have any problems, but would it be possible to remove that interface board and find a suitable replacement with a SATA interface so that I can use it as an internal drive for my laptop? I've already got an SSD installed currently, and the old hard drive has died out. So I was wondering if I could just repurpose my WD drive as some additional storage for my laptop, instead of having to lug around this drive as an external disk.

  6. Hi, for backup purpose , is it better to buy external like this, or internal HD and use usb hard drive enclosure for may laptop? thanks.

  7. Nice camera, BTW, especially when you zoom in on the chip on the head. What camera and lighting setup do you use?

  8. Robert, they put so many screws in the board for contact between the motor terminals, and the head terminals on the drive, all the screws keep the connections tight between board and drive 🙂

  9. That's the big issue with these integrated drives. If the interface fails, you're stuck. On bigger enclosures that had separate USB-SATA boards you could simply take the drive out and hook it up to your desktop PC via the motherboard or another USB enclosure to get your data back assuming the drive is good. WD and Seagate do this for one thing. Data Recovery, they know you're going to be backing up to these drives, so will pay through the nose to get your precious stuff back. Better to buy two and keep two copies of everything than ending up paying $1000+ for recovery.

  10. I have a 2019 4TB WD Element inside, looks the same as this drive.The USB port stopped working not sure by my damage or faulty. If I plug in the cord and bend a certain way the light will turn on but won't show up on computer. But it seems I cant get it steady enough to turn solid for long enough. Was wondering if I switch board from donor drive will it work or will I need to change BIOS chips and such? Any info would be appreciated. (the drive is less then 6 months old)
    Thank in advance

  11. I need help with this drive. Thinking of buying it but worried about the bloatware on it. I heard it will auto run when plugged in? I just need a simple drag n drop hdd. I don't want the software bloatware.

  12. You destroyed the heck out of that drive. And that is so satisfying.

    I Have purchased the same one only three months ago… and it has just decided to stop working without any prior notice. No clicking, no light blinking, not detected on the disk utility manager, just nothing. What do you think is happening ?


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