WD My Passport Wireless In Depth Review and Benchmarks – FTP, SSH, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android


Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link). This product has been replaced by a new version that you can find my review of here:


00:14 – Hardware overview
02:38 – Web based control panel
06:25 – DLNA demonstration
07:10 – SD Card data transfer
08:17 – SSH demonstration
09:43 – Wireless benchmark
10:39 – USB 3.0 benchmark
11:23 – Mobile app demonstration
13:12 – Mac / Windows demonstration
13:25 – Conclusion and final thoughts

WD has another easy to use Network Attached Storage (NAS) device with the My Passport Wireless. This one is portable and has a battery that can power the device for several hours. Think of it as a mini-My Cloud.

The drive works with PCs, Macs, and Linux computers as well as mobile devices running Android and iOS. The WD My Cloud app is the same app that is used to connect to the device with those mobile devices. PC users will use their existing file system to connect.

It has a feature to transfer the contents to an SD card to the My Passport Wireless’ hard drive. It can do this automatically or via a button push in the web based control panel. It will do a one-way sync so it won’t copy over any files that have been previously written to the My Passport Wireless.

It also has a neat hotspot feature that can share a public wifi connection but still maintain privacy for the shared files. Users connect to the drive vs. the coffee shop wifi and the drive will then pass the Internet connection onto its connections. This locks out other patrons at a coffee shop from seeing files but does give those accessing the drive simultaneous access to the Internet.

Performance is decent for a wireless device. It was able to get about 60 megabits per second when directly connected via WiFi from my Macbook Air. The drive can also be directly connected via USB 3.0 to a compatible PC – but that connection will disable the wireless file sharing capabilities.

Like all NAS devices it’s best to move large volumes of data through a wired connection – in this case USB 3. But overall this is a great device with very clever features that can very easily share files while on the go.

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DISCLOSURE – WD provided me with this product to review.

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  1. Fucking product, how to copy or read hundreds folder and files in a folder, it should connect to windows as a driver, i cannot use this product as a ftp server in office.

  2. Hi. Great review. Is it possible to use a card reader to transfer files from an XQD or CF card to the Passport using the USB port? If so, how? Thanks.

  3. WD My Passport Wireless is running out of power by itself even you don't use it for months. Seagate Wireless Plus battery is not running out of power even many months without using it.

  4. So I need a way to transfer my files from my SD card to an external Hard drive for a long trip that I don't want to bring a laptop on. This let's me do that right? Does anyone no any more recent alternatives that are newer and faster otherwise, that don't cost as much as a gnarbox?

  5. Thanks Lon for the review. Planning to get the 2TB model. My questions are 1) Can we connect it to charge while using it? Like I'm the car or power Bank? 2) Can it play DRM files from itunes since I have a lot of videos and plan to steam it in my iPad mini for the kids on long trips.

  6. I´ve a WD Mypassport Ultra USB 500GB HDD with USB3.0 connector. Can I connect it to MyPasspor Wireless to access files? Somebody knows?

  7. Can someone help me add this as on my time machine 🙁 im no tech savvy. it keeps on asking for a password that i never set up

  8. I subed! Do you think a VMWare machine should work fine being the NAS unit at a distance of 3mts? The host machine is vaio z canvas core i7 skylake with 8gb ram and 256 ssd running windows 10. Thanks for the reply in advance!

  9. Hi Lon.
    I watch the video and how much i understood when you connect drive with usb cable wifi disable it self. Is that right?
    I ask because i wanted to connect this device to LG smart tv as movie library and then send movies from pc to this drive via wifi home connection, not to play them from pc but just to send them so they stay on drive. I need this so i don't have to disconnect drive from TV every time when i want to put movie on it. What do you think is that possible, or after i connect it to TV, WiFi will not be available?

  10. one question… if i'm on a trip and I finish my memory space con the card I just put the card in and it wil back up everything every time I do this?

  11. How long does it take to upload/download a 1GB file from iOS to the drive or drive to iOS When connected to the Drive's wifi. ?
    Planning to buy this. This info would be helpful.

  12. Hi, thanks for this review. I have a question (apologies if it's not the smatterst question). I'm going on vacation and take my action cam with me. Of course the memory card inside isn't big enough to store all video's. Is it possible to remove the microsd card from the action cam (which has wifi build in), put this microsd card inside this wireless drive and it copies the files without having a laptop available so I can later format the card inside the action cam to have all memory available again for shooting video's?

    Thanks for your expert answer

  13. Can i see the files & folders same like which appears in normal external hard dive & can i create / edit the files & folders directly from the drive, please help also i want to know about WD my cloud, can i directly create / edit the files from any where with the help of Internet

  14. Bought the device? Click on the power button and nothing happen it is working offline but, no luck with wifi so far

  15. Which one to choose?
    WD My Passport Wireless 2 TB
    Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless Pro.

    Please also tell me why?

  16. Not sure if he said this if he did I completely missed it. With the wireless hard drive are you able to upload to it from mobile? Like lets say you are out camping, no wifi, but your phone or ipod is full and you want to move it, are you able to move it to the drive?

  17. It would have been handy if you'd have shown how you got to the interface. I'm having trouble making it work and have been looking everywhere for how it's done. So frustrating…

  18. Thank you very much, I was looking for a review that really get a full feel for the product.
    So now I have made up my mind to get one. Thanks

  19. Could I add this as internal storage on an Nvidia SHIELD via USB and still access it from my Windows PC wirelessly? Or would I have to add the WD drive as external storage?


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