Vietnam's Crazy Backpacker Party Street | Bui Vien, Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife


Visiting Vietnam’s infamous backpacker party street Bui Vien in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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  1. Good job Alex. You and your friends are always welcome to come to Vietnam. Vietnamese young generations will have opportunity to learn English from native English speaking and the society has a better blend of different cultures. Thanks for coming and teaching.

  2. Can you get a job teaching english as a 45+ year old? I'm not that old but I'm debating on just taking my pension in 14 years and do something relaxing like teaching english. I know it sounds like a stupid question but its not an absolute like the US since we have laws protecting older workers.

  3. what about night life?crazy what?? you just shows the street and u chatting w your friends??? stupid me I saw all the video!

  4. I don't think this is a good idea to teach someone without proper qualification…such as TESOL. Teaching someone takes lots of responsibility.

  5. Hi Alex. Pity you didn't mention the name of the Thai Restaurant. I've just arrived in HCMC and was looking for a Thai restaurant.

    In future can you PLEASE include the names or show the sign of the outside of the places you visit to we can go there too! Thanks

  6. Lots of druggies in BV area so i wouldnt walk around holding my iphone because it might end up being a TherePhone. Lol I'm from Australia and I'm here at the moment.

  7. Just wondering, how easy is it to find a teaching job in Vietnam? What's the average pay and what is the requirement? Do you need to be caucasian? I heard that if you are Asian, its harder to find a job as they prefer caucasian people as they look more legit. Is it true? 🙂

  8. Vietnam police should strictly manage this area, Most of poor & unemployment Western gather at here , chaos & insecurity , Some Western also sell Heroin & fake money , Vietnam police should punish & fuck these scums

  9. As you pointed out Bui Vien is infamous but you didn't really say why. I live here and the reason I avoid that part of town is because the tourists are a magnetic for prostitutes, drug dealers and bars that rip tourists off.

    It is one of the worst parts of town unless of course you want cheap drugs, girls and watered down beer, actually I think the beer might be recycled from the toilets.

    But great video and I enjoyed watching it but it is a part of town a lot of expats avoid.

  10. Hi I am living in Ho Chi Minh City and I think that sometimes it's dangerous for u if you take out the Gopro out the street or you take your phone out. Our city is crazy. We hope that you will enjoy and have a nice trip on our cities. If you need any help, you can contact me. I am from Vietnam but I had met many foreigners and I hope that my experience can help you and other foreigners. Vietnamese people are really friendly but some aren't so be careful is the best
    Best wishes

  11. Alex, I am sure you must have some Vietnamese friends. Can you conduct and film a more challenging interview with somebody as to what they think about the many facets of life in Vietnam. I mean, with somebody who is mature enough to say something relevant, of essence – somebody in their 30-40 ties with a professional background and some life experience (whose responses go beyond the typical "it is cool, nice, I enjoy it"). I have been to most South-East Asian countries (including Japan and China) but never had a chance to talk to anybody for more than a few minutes about the obvious (bullshit). I recon, it would take several months to even meet somebody capable and willing to say anything worth listening to. Once on a train in China I met a Chinese accountant from whom within four hours I was able to learn more about the "real China" than what I already knew having read the whole (1000 pages) Lonely Planet guide book. Alex, you have the skills and technology. I am sure it would be appreciated by all your viewers.

  12. Hey Alex ! I Plan on flying to Ho Chi Min in september. Does the monsoon rains affect life in the city ?

  13. Hey Alex, you've stayed in VN for quite awhile. What are your future plans? Do you see yourself settling down in Vietnam or some other Asian country or moving back to South Africa?


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