Travel to Cambodia on the Giant Ibis Luxury Bus 🚍 (best bus in SE Asia)


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  1. I surfed the internet and found your first channel going to Pakistan and stayed with a Pakistan lady's home. After watching that first video, I checked out your vlog and found you visited my country, Cambodia. I first thought the bus and its crews are Vietnamese, but they're Cambodian. I heard they said "The AC is working right now, and directed you to go on the bus". The immigration office at the Cambodia/Vietnam border should be located 20 km or so tour Vietnam side, should not be at that location. Why? Cambodia government led by Hun Sen let Vietnam move all border posts into Cambodia territory as much as they love to. English word called Encroachment. The government thanked Vietnam who toppled Khmer Rouge in 1979 and put them in power. They kept thank Vietnam for liberation from day one until now. But, this is Ho Chi Minh long term plan to conquer Cambodia and Lao as he called IndoChina. They planed to invade Thailand too, but American protected Thailand. The current government signed off two islands to Vietnam in 1982. One is very closed to Cambodia shore called Kos Tral and Vietnam changed it to Phu Kok. If you look at google map it's close to Cambodia than to Vietnam. Vietnamese people can travel in and out Cambodia as they wish and they can come to live in Cambodia by thousand, but Cambodian people can't go and live in Vietnam. They even have Vietnamese agents working in Cambodia government by changing their name to Cambodian in military and police. They control both Cambodia and Lao. If you compared America sent thousand of soldiers to liberate Iraq and Afganistan, after a year or so, those people kicked American troops out. Especially, Iraq Shia group who Saddam put them down during Saddam reign. They don't thank America to liberate them, but they accused American coming to occupy their country. We should let Saddam kill all of them and don't liberate them. But, Cambodia thanks Vietnam for the past 40 years. In other countries, this is a Traitor. Cambodia has no military personnel to guard the border between Vietnam/Cambodia; except Thailand and Lao. Have a safe travel. Greet from US!

  2. Thanks for this awesome review, we'll be travelling from Ho Chi Minh to P.Penh and Siem Reap all the way to Bangkok next week and we're super excited. Giant Ibis is our booked transport.

  3. During what months did your family travel through Southeast Asia? Is your family from the U.S.? BTW, How did you get your kids out of school for so long?

  4. Back in the early days of the 80s, the SE Asian bus experience which you were talking about was actually a very real part of my daily commuting life LOL


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