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  1. Polish version of Tool with female vocal. Better than original:

  2. 14k asleep waiting in slumber, stagnet third eye suprise is waiting around the parabola. Swinging in the wind like a spent spider web, the heavy lead will melt away showing Third Eye Suprise the rise of the Crown beating down that frown.
    The Kingdoms Crown is for all the walls of consciousness lit again the wick is golden fiber honey my friends! MAYNARD FOR PRESIDENT2020!

  3. 8:11 What is correct?
    Your veil now or Unveil now ?
    No two websites seem to agree on what is correct. This is driving me nuts! Are the correct lyrics written in the cd book? Thanks!

  4. I liked the album more as I thought to label this as Prog Rock doing this made me happy (leaving preconceptions of tool behind *the hobby band, for this album)

  5. "Allegorical elegy" means it applies to real life… Consider this before searching too deep for meaning: a message for a wider audience needed to be more shallow. Their other albums focus on self (spiritual) development, but Pneuma is a clue that this album concerns the collective.
    What if Tool has the capability to predict future disasters and warn the public via their esoteric music?
    Please "add" your thoughts!:)

  6. Polish version of Tool with female vocal. Better than original:


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