The Truth About The Girl Who Played Caroline On 2 Broke Girls


Beth Behrs entertained fans for six glorious seasons on 2 Broke Girls as the rich-girl-turned-poor Caroline Channing, opposite real life BFF Kat Dennings but Caroline Channing is just chapter one of a fascinating story. Here are some things you may not know about Beth Behrs.

Behrs may be the epitome of healthy living but that wasn’t always the case. When she landed her big break as an actress on 2 Broke Girls, she was an actual, real-life broke girl. As a result, Behrs found herself snacking on unhealthy foods and not taking proper care of her body. Back in 2017, she told Self magazine,

“I was eating all the junk food they kept on set.”

The change came not from her paychecks, but a skin rash that lasted over six months, causing Behrs to have to cover up almost her entire body on red carpets and at public appearances. The doctor told her it had happened as a result of stress, bad diet, and a lack of exercise. She confessed to Yahoo! Lifestyle that her self-described “mortifying” rash was more than likely related to what she called her “go-to breakfast [of] two sugar doughnuts,” while she was also “eating mac and cheese from the box” for dinner.

Behrs learned to change her diet, incorporate exercise, and get healthy and soon, her skin cleared up.

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A “mortifying” rash | 0:18
Real best friends | 1:18
Panic attacks | 2:05
A voice for survivors | 2:58
Three jobs | 4:06
Knitting skills | 4:49
Value of money | 5:26
Self Care | 6:10
Comic creator | 7:04
Learning to cook | 8:06
Day one disaster | 9:06
Choosing carefully | 10:04


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  1. She seemed so perfect on the show. Tall, blonde, thin, skinny.

    Guess you never know what people are going through.

  2. i remember when we still dont have internet or cable this is the only show i keep watching on etc because it makes me laugh

  3. girls had 3 great seasons and than all went down hill.bad writhing that is all.o and jennifer coolige was unnecessary character,oleg was a to much of a caricature.but writhing was bad,after clear goal girls head in first seasons it turned into sassy jokes and punts.i m surprised it last for 6 seasons.

  4. Mein karagter. Super würd ich sagen, im Moment unter-fordert sag ma Max Wiso mags du nete Jungs und keine Bad Boys

  5. I think the writers sabotage this show! They made Caroline annoying and change the shows plot. I enjoyed the first seasons more than the last !!!

  6. Thank you for your interview of Beth. I miss her from 2 broke girls. I'm glad she's acting but I've haven't seen her new program.

  7. “The truth” is that she’s a talented and caring person. Why did they fix the title to make it seem like she was anything but? Misleading af. Very disappointing.


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