Sonic Generations – Vector: Pick Up the Beat


Rooftop Run
Challenge 5
Vector: Pick Up the Beat

This is probably the least traditional challenge in the whole game in that the whole thing is set around a small area: Vector the Crocodile has set up a stage to play his music in on the Spagonian aqueduct, and Sonic has to play catch with an eighth note Vector generates. The goal is to cause Vector to lose a beat.

To send the note back at Vector, use the Homing Attack on it, Of course, Vector is going to bounce it right back. You may be wondering how there can be a time-based S-Rank on a challenge like this, whose victory seems random by nature. It actually isn’t. After you bounce a set amount of the music notes back at Vector, it’ll turn yellow. After some more, it’ll turn red. Then, it’ll move so quickly Sonic can bounce it twice before he lands, causing the note to appear right next to Vector and cause him to mess it up. So basically, the key here is to bounce the hot potato back at Vector as quickly as possible.

The mission makes a lot more sense once you learn that Vector will mess up after a fixed number of deflections. I know a lot of people aren’t too clear on what you’re supposed to do here or that they can’t get the mssion to work–perhaps this will provide some help.

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  1. When I was like 7 we did this level and it took TWO WEEKS to finish the level. Mine brother and me did this and it was so HARD

  2. This mission is downright bullshit and can go fuck itself. What's up with the note coming towards me, I jump, and the homing point not coming up sucks total donkey dick. What the fuck Sonic Team?

    Easily the worst of all the missions in this game.

  3. When I was a kid I rage quit this mission. 5 days later I did it again and I finally won the challenge

    4 years later with "PlayStation Now" I completed this challenge first try

  4. You guys friggen kidding me. This was easy as pie. I now understand why sega applied the target lock-in feature… it's for you noobs

  5. Gods this level is such utter crap. As someone once said for a different game, "it's like someone insulted the developer and they set out to prove them wrong" and so we wound up with one of the cheapest and most rage inducing "challenges" imaginable. If the homing attack was more reliable and the camera didn't screw up so much perhaps it would be more manageable. Of course, it also requires reflexes that let's face it not everyone has.

  6. Is Vector even Sonic's friend? that challange was so hard, and I was SO happy after beating that. this is even harder than Time Eater.


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