RENGAR JUNGLE: Ultimate Carry Guide | One Shot In Season 10 League of Legends


🔴 Dominate, win, and climb with RENGAR JUNGLE in Season 10 in this ultimate carry guide ft Scrubnoob Challenger gameplay! 🔴

Jungle Routes:
How To Carry As An Assassin Season 10:

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In this assassin gameplay guide we look at how and why Rengar jungle is strong featuring Challenger player Scrubnoob’s gameplay. I show tips and tricks, combos, triple Q one shot, items, abilities, runes, clears, and more! With all this, you should be able to hard carry and climb in Season 10 Ranked League of Legends!

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  1. But I gotta agree with Scrubnoobs build when you transition in late game into crit you become a monster. But you forgot to mention that you sell you Duskblade for an Essence Reaver which gives you sweet 75% crit and even im surprised how much damage i do

  2. I’m so new to this game I’m gonna have to go find a guide to explain half the stuff this guide talks about

  3. Rengar team is everything enemy team does every game to me , lee sin team is every team im playing with. full map awarness and follow up vs sleepy laners and no help jesus that depresses me looking at lee sin raped in his own junglke becuse mid and bot are trash

  4. 1 personnaly go invade their red with team go clear my blue gromp my red then krugs if i kited the red well

  5. No entendi nada por que no se ingles; pero con solo ver el gran video que hiciste, te mereces un pulgar arriba.

  6. I play in low elo I'm gold so I'm mostly afraid of going into enemy jungle because my team never follows up or pushes when the enemy team is in the jungle

  7. Hi, just wanted to drop some love for your channel. Following your jungle guides has helped me get back into the game after a years' long hiatus. Its night and day difference between flying the jungle blind and following your advice so thank you for your videos and your hard work. I'd definitely recommend your guides to any new or returning player who is looking to get back into the jungle.

  8. excuse my english but what does lingering time mean? the time before the passive doesnt apply after leaving bush or what

  9. Bro I haven’t laughed to a guidance video like this in a long time 😂.Great commentating and great guide! Thanks man

  10. i dont get how u all can clear the camps at the start of a game with so much health. I am struggling with 6-100hp after i did the last buff of a full clrear without gromp. Need advise!


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