Như Quỳnh & Mạnh Quỳnh – Nối Lại Tình Xưa (Ngân Giang) PBN 79


Như Quỳnh & Mạnh Quỳnh – Nối Lại Tình Xưa (Ngân Giang)
Paris By Night 79 – Dreams

©2005 published by Thuy Nga under license
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  2. For anyone that needs an English translation, I've translated the lyrics below. Please understand that it is very difficult to translate every word from the song into English, because of how special the Vietnamese language is. I can only translate the general meaning of each line of the song.
    *mình mạo muội dịch đại bài này, thời dịch bệnh ko có gì làm cả, mong mọi người thông cảm vì mình ko thể dịch sát từng chữ một được

    (Verse 1)
    Coming back together, we reconciled our past love.
    A love story that, for many years, holds memories that I cherished.
    The old path with a fading sun [or] the rainy afternoons when we met.
    I sympathize when the wet and cold rain fell on your shoulder.

    (Verse 2)
    The autumn of that year, you and I met.
    We'd thought to only be acquaintances, yet we fell in love knowing each other.
    Two hearts waiting for each other, we promised an everlasting winter.
    [When] the mist chilled your lips, I felt frozen in my soul.

    However, we didn't expect fate to separate us.
    Our lives headed in two directions.
    I felt cold amidst loneliness.
    And I was lost in the lonely days at a faraway place.
    Each memory recalls sadness that lingers.

    [On] the long winter nights, [I was] afraid that my remembrances would fade,
    that our love would be forever gone. I would cry for the rest of my life, my dear!
    So my dear, we'll rebuilt our dreams from our past love.
    The past will stay in the past and fade.

    (Verse 3)
    After the rain and storm, we'll get through.
    The beautiful, blue, and vast sky will shine through the path of return.
    The swallows will bring the spring to erase the pain of the past year.
    I will return to you to warm our love.

    (Verse 4)
    One night full of stars and moon in compassion to the person of the past.
    We'll sew our love together so it won't fade.
    We'll reconcile our love and live fully the everlasting winter.
    The swallows in cheer, we know that we have each other in life.


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