My first drive in the W Motors Fenyr Supersport! Following on from the Lykan Hypersport as seen in Fast & Furious, the Fenyr combines an 800hp flat-6 with an aggressively styled carbon body. Starting out from the W Motors showroom in Dubai, let’s see what it’s like on the roads…

The W Motors Gallery can be found at Citywalk, Dubai, and inside we can see two Lykans and two Fenyrs; including the last surviving Lykan car from the movie after they were shown jumping from tower to tower. Today though it’s all about the Fenyr Supersport, with a technical partnership with Ruf in Germany to help develop the car and powertrain including the 3.8l twin turbo 3.8l flat-6 that produces 810PS and 980nm. The design is all W Motors, from the aggressive angles and shapes, to the separated rear spoiler and active flaps.

Joined by Gareth from W Motors, let’s take the Fenyr out onto the roads of the UAE for a drive to experience what it’s about and take you through all of the details. Then it’s a return to the gallery to browse the specification options and get a feel for the studio where customers would visit to create their own unique car.

Thanks for watching, Tim



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  1. Join me for my first drive in the W Motors Fenyr Supersport! Kicking off from the showroom in Dubai, let's take the $1.4m car out onto the roads to see what it's about and come back to run through a specification…

  2. To my taste. This is way too much. Too much angles and lines too much details. And it's looks messy. I preferred the look of a Lykan more. It's just look more classy and luxurious.

  3. If this was a 150,000 dollar car, it would honestly be a better price, it isn't worth anywhere above 200k especially since It doesn't have any diamonds in the headlights, even then they look like they should be in a friendship bracelet.

  4. The interior of a 50k car is nicer than that, all this is is a kit car with Porsche 3.8 h6 tuned by rufus and stuffed in there. Yeah no thanks. Plus highly doubt this will do anything close to 200mph

  5. I have a feeling that this car have a 911 engine for some reason specially the gear leaver is almost identical to the Porsche one

  6. I have mixed feelings about this car. I don't think it's pretty at all, but we may have to give it a chance, this not being the final version. Overall, not as fascinating tech as Koenigsegg's, not as astonishing sound as Ferrari's and not as beautiful as a Pagani

  7. The looks are aweeessooommeee but BUT Shmee you can't fake us about the sound sound huracan sounds way better and and a senna is probably way faster. 😎

  8. "He's states he's going to drive it in manual" but is using the paddles to change gears, smh Gone are the day's when people purchased supercars and actually enjoyed "Driving" the car with a clutch instead of the car driving them.

  9. Not a fan of W Motors haven't heard good things about them.
    Surprised Ruf wants to get involved with them


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