My Brother's Husband is the Best!


My Brother’s Husband is a heart-warming story about reconnecting with family with insightful social commentary on the perception and treatment of gay people in Japan. Maxy Barnard joins the Mavericks to discuss what makes this manga so special, and why it’s become one of our favorite series.

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Originally Posted: July 18th 2017

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  1. Great discussion!

    I still can’t reconcile this and the author’s other work. His other work practically traumatized me. But this manga is surprisingly sensitive. I love it! You’re right, everyone should read it!

  2. Thanks for the fun discussion. This manga is a definite favorite for me too. I've read 3/4ths of the volumes and am excited about the final book.

    One point I disagreed with is Yaichi potentially having repressed his sexuality. I got the impression he's straight, not very good at expressing emotions, and feels like he needs to downplay any part of him that doesn't fit the traditional mold. His role as a homemaker and the enjoyment he gets from it. How his inherited job managing apartments is somehow lesser than a more stereotypical career.

    We'll find out for sure in a few months. For now I'm going to cross my fingers and hope the TV drama turns out well.


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