MUJI SKINCARE REVIEW | Cleansers, Toners, Oils, Creams and MORE!


I know a lot of you were wanting to hear my opinion so here is my in-depth review on MUJI’s Skincare products 😍
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– Oil Cleansing (Mild) [JPY 750] 2:48
– Facial Wash Gel [JPY 790] 4:29
– Booster Essence Lotion [JPY 950] 5:53
– Sensitive Skin Light Toning Water (High Moisture) [JPY 690] 7:16
– Pump Head [JPY 190] 8:29
– Clear Care Light Toning Water (High Moisture) [JPY 1290] 9:25
– Cut Cotton Ecru (Unbleached) [JPY 199] 10:57
– Clear Care Acne Essence [JPY 1590] 11:58
– Jojoba Oil [JPY 890] 13:13
– Oil Mist (Citrus) 14:02
– Sensitive Skin Moisture Milk (Moisture) [JPY 580] 15:37
– Sensitive Skin Moisturising Cream [JPY 950] 16:30
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Lips – YSL Rouge Volupte Shine (05 Fuchsia In Excess)
Lashes – Diamond Lash (Muse Eye)
Lenses – Olens Russian Velvet (Brown)
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  1. I love your skin 😍
    Thank you for this review. Will definitely find this brand, I've been looking for a good Japanese skin care product reviews since I'm having a hard time Google translating every products before buying them. Haha. Sending love from 🇯🇵

  2. Wow! Really thorough review and very informative as well! 💖 Just subbed to your channel! You definitely deserve more subs, I honestly thought you had 100K+! I’m gonna support you and show your channel to my friends who like skincare 🙂
    Also you’re so so pretty 🥺🥺

  3. Thank you for reviewing many products in your routine, Tina! I'm almost done Muji's regular Toning Water (it's regular moisture instead of high moisture because I didn't know about your channel when I bought it 😭) but didn't find it to be quite moisturizing enough, so thanks for introducing us to their Clear Care line and I'll try the Clear Care Light Toning Water (High Moisture)!

  4. Just found your channel, love love love. I scrolled back and you’ve been at it for a while and I am just mind blown as to how you don’t have tons more subbies!! You’ll blow up annny second now, I have a feeling!

  5. Hi! Could you please do an episode dedicated to Japanese foundations? I'm currently using Kate Powderless liquid foundation in OC-C, but I would like to try another one (more moisturising) because I have dry skin and winter is coming in Chile (where I live). It would be really nice. Also, if you could teach me (us) the way to choose a color match for us based on Korean or my current foundation would be really helpful. New subscriber btw!!

  6. I recebtly found your chanel! I really love your content and reviews! Very helpful! I noticed in some videos you include prices and others not, if it's not much trouble do you think you could include the japanese prices?

  7. Thanks for this im wondering about this brand its my first time here in your Channel and started to watched several videos nice job….
    Btw have you tried Canmake mermaid skin gel spf??? It says its alcohol free and mixture of physical and chemical filler I wanna know your thoughts thanks :))

  8. I found this video by chance and I have to say that I enjoyed it.
    Also, you have such a gorgeous face! I couldn't stop admiring it 🙂

  9. I bought all the products in Muji’s sensitive line. I enjoyed using them all. However, I also like Hadalabo, sana nameraka isoflavone, among others. So when I ran out, instead of purchasing another bottle, I bought refill pouches from hadalabo, etc to refill my beautiful Muji bottles. I wish Muji offered refill pouches for other items besides their face wash (which I love, but I like the hadalabo foaming wash a little more). Thanks for making this review video and showing the Muji skincare line some love. 💕

  10. Hopefully, the muji store that is about to open here in the Phil will have the same products youve been mentioning!. 🙂 would love to try them as well because having different choices is better than staying in one product which would make our skin '' resistant'', i think.. 🤔😂. Thanks again for this informative video!!

  11. Is there any way to get these products in the USA????? I have used some Japanese cleansers etc…and have been so pleased.

  12. I find Muji alright, but too simple and doesn't work for targeting skin care concerns like anti aging, dark spots etc. like brands that Hada Labo and Shiseido do. I think it's good if you already have good skin that doesn't need much treatment

  13. Tina, I'm going to go to one of the Muji stores here in California (L.A Area). I'm thinking about filming myself while I'm out there with my husband. This will be our first time at this muji store. I'll be checking out the items you mention on this video hope we have therm in the states… Do you have ant recommendations on anything else I should look into in the skincare group? Pls comment below.

  14. I also love my muji skin care. you know especially with my sensitive skin. I don't react to it at all and it is great that they sell travel sizes.

  15. Thank you for the review! What are your thoughts regarding Muji Mild Oil cleanser vs the Habo Lado oil cleanser? Hydrating, removing waterproof makeup, etc.


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