muffled lofi hiphop with rain – Sleep Chill Vibes


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All music VIA Epidemic Sound
Art by me

00:00 Rainy Sunday – Henyao
02:28 Automagic – Bonkers Beat Club
04:35 Blue Sapphire – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
07:16 Byrd (Dylan Sitts Remix)(Instrumental Version) – Dylan Sitts
09:23 Coffee and Unicorns – Henyao
12:04 Fredagsmys K2 – Henyao
14:35 Golden Hours – Justnormal
17:03 Hideaway – Dylan Sitts
19:38 Just Don’t Get Enough of Me – Mindme
22:39 Magnolia – [ocean jams]
24:54 Marble Valley – Justnormal
27:54 Motivation – Henyao
31:15 Night Night – Guustavv
33:30 Portal – Henyao
37:45 Rubix Cube – Justnormal
40:00 What in Tarnation – DJ DENZ The Rooster

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  1. Want to show support for my art and the ad-free listening experience? Check out my Patreon, and help keep my videos ad-free. 🙂

  2. This feels like when I have a panic attack at school so I go sit alone in the cafeteria and play music in my headphones.
    This passes the ✨Vibe check ✨

  3. its 3 am your just drifting of too sleep when your hear music coming from your crush's apartment above you smile and lie back down happy warm and content

  4. i’ve been listening to this every night for a month and a half to go to sleep… it’s exactly what i was looking for :))

  5. I don't wanna give much thought into it but life has been stressful asf for me and right now I appreciate you more than you or your grandchildren could ever dream.

  6. Am I the only one who likes being alone sometimes and be sad? Lying in the bad, or drawing and listening to music? I dont really have reasons to be sad, its just good somehow for me

  7. 💫 😌 💫
    Perhaps; I should consider sleeping now…

    And you should too.. Stop reading the comments and go to bed king 👑


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