I Have Two Copyright Strikes & My Computer Just Broke


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  1. Tanks everyone for your kind words ))) Here is the link to my discord if you have the time to help! https://discord.gg/YEdEng

  2. As i have said elsewhere, the accuser making the claim should have to provide proof of ownership and that the content is not protected under fair use within 72 or have the claim dismissed. Only after proof is provided does the claim get fully applied; prior to that, the video plays as normal and all revenue is held in escrow. If i company establishes a history of false claims then they are required to submit proof of ownership when they file the claim. And should get fined for grossly false claims.

  3. Going onto Social Blade and looking at the loss of views and subtracting what they were before and after it looks like you purged 16,507,435 views worth of videos.

    That puts you from 427,360,210 views to 410,852,775 views.

    At the current time that I am posting this comment, you are at 469,986,442 views. (Good job Phly)

    You get a weekly average of 4.66k views.

    You get a daily average of 667 views.

    If we do 667 x 365 (1 year) we get 243,455 views.

    Based on the 1-year average (Not correct at all but hey, whatever.) it seems like you lost more than 1 year's worth of work.

    Please note: This is just based on his current daily average that social blade is providing. This is not his lifetime daily average. The daily average is from 2020-04-01 to -2020-04-14.

  4. Things do tend to fail on power on because of the spikes involved. Having said that I've had a psu fail on a computer that was running 24/7. Instant shut down and a little burnt electronics smell. Hell just last month I had a 120mm bgears fan take my main system down in the middle of gaming. Computer instant shut off and after a little troubleshooting I discovered the 120mm on the back was the source of the burning smell. It still spins but you can smell something melting internally when it's powered. I've been meaning to see if it'll actually catch fire or not if left alone.

  5. That's what the media is doing. They're tightening the boarders of content to stream what they
    want. The media is just what these multi-billion dollar corporations want you to see.

    Good luck evading the copy-right streaks.

  6. They deleted one of mine videos for “hate speech” but there were no speech at all, it was a game play from a wwii simulator with a stuka. There were no swastika, no speech whatsoever, much less hate. They delete whole channels without much more than an automatic message.

  7. I'm getting caught up on all your vids I've missed. Keep grinding man. Hopephully this goes away without anything else. Love your content and I'd hate to see you go. Phuck UMG.

  8. Get a dude that makes jingles instead of playing with copyright fire.
    i'm sure they're over 20 players that makes music as well that will do that for you.

  9. Basically, they are taking anything off that is Politically right. They are attempting to further the far left agenda, with Facebook and twitter. Your freedom of speech. Communist Agenda. Anything that makes this nation Patriotic. They will fail in the end. Never have your income depend on u tube video's. I hope you have other career things for income. In the end, hang in there.

  10. omg youtube you an ass you know that youtube. PhlyDaily did not do nothing to you what the fuck youtube

  11. Sometimes people try to claim shit that isn't theirs. The Mighty Jingles had issues with Sony trying to claim music he had a license to use and another company tried claiming that never owned it to begin with. So you might want to look out for that.

  12. You’re the first person I’ve ever heard of that would first assume the power button is the problem instead of the PSU. No worries! Go to Bestbuy, buy a PSU and have it swapped out in about 15 minutes. Back in action!


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