How to setup Music Player for Google Drive


If you have audio files in google drive, then why not spruce up the experience with the Music Player connected app. Making a Playlist is even better.

Playlists are saved at:

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install the app from:

example audio read from:

i was using a Windows 10 laptop in this demo

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  1. I don't know exactly what I'm saying but If there was such a player that would access all the content in cloud andor local drive from any device and browser, this would be the player of my dreams 🙃 My brain tells that there are two problems in current players – too declarative libraries instead of some big smart playlist-"document", and the inability to reliably store and listen to media regardless of whether the files are here or far away on the servers. Google Drive itself could turn into something like this if it were possible to create your own file arrangement and a more serious player would be…


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