How to relish Jajangmyeon [Talents For Sale / 2016.07.20]


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– Ep.11: Talents for Sale special episode! Let’s explore the charms of Junhyeon! The must-have items for summer camping are meat, alcohol and Junheyon? He shows off his amazing barbeque skills. Also, he tells us helpful tips to bring life to leftover food!
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  1. Korea with their "slurppp" sound. Not that many asian countries prefer that manner in etiquette while dining

  2. He is just looks like Rain.. eyes,lips,nose everything. Isnt it???he is cute 😚 I love the way he eat 😚😚

  3. Why do Koreans eat so loud on tv and then when I actually go to korea, my friends tell me not to do it in public?

  4. I dont like the guy with black clothes.. The other episode.. Show how him dont respect other people by still sit while the other is standing to see barbeque…

    Where the respect..???

  5. Why are those girls so obsessed about their looks. Move your hair and eat properly it's disgusting with ur hair upfront

  6. Now its 2.30 am.. and i'm super hungry.. and i'm watching this show! How stupid i am.. can't wait for tomorrow morning! 😭

  7. "People most likely develop depression when they eat alone"
    *me*: I love to eat alone…… do I have depression????


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