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When David and I are bored, we sometimes make these random, awful songs that no one ever sees. Well, this time we’re bringing you with us on this incredibly pointless journey.
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30 Replies to “How To Make Mumble Rap”

  1. Mumble rappers: prr esskeettit crrr dndnndjd fkfhdhxbxhdhds kddhbdhsjsnxbdhdh jhissnndsnbs
    Kids: That hits hard. So deep. It inspired me to rap
    Me: It's time to leave this planet

  2. You give this song to a 13 year old and say it’s by Lil pump they’ll think it’s the deepest shit they’ve ever heard

  3. Yo! A songwriter from India, here. Even I have the Lil in my name. Mendhak means "frog". I wanted to keep my stage name "Tadpole" but this "Lil" has a thing to it.

  4. Everybody gangsta until you read the subtitles at 2:28
    started with one and then now i got two and then now i got three and a for

  5. 10,000 people must be trying to make it as a mumble rapper. Hahahha. Haters gona hate!!!! KEEP FRONTIN

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