How to make a TV panel – Wall mount a TV and hide the wires


Today’s video I made a Backlit TV panel, for my entertainment center
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Materials Used
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WIFI LEDs Strip Kit
Wood Glue
Pocket hole screws
1 – Sheet of ¾ in plywood
1- TV Bracket
1 outlet
1 single gang wall box
1 14/2 electrical wire

Tools Used
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Edgetrack Circular Saw
Fish Tape
Drywall knife
Outlet tester
Stud Finder
Drill and Driver

Quick Rotating Screwdrivers

Metal Square

Woodworking Plans (Big Bundle)

Camera and recording equipment I use
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Camera – Nikon D5500 –
Mic to record to computer –
Mic to Record to the Camera
SD Card
Camera Slider

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  1. I purchased the document but it doesn’t show your modifications and how you created the floating device chargers. Could you please supply or make available to purchase

  2. Hello there. I had 55 inch before using ikea table wall stand. But now i have 75 inch but i still would like to use the same old system. Any one have a solution on how making ny own ikea uppleva stand look a like ? The stand it self is mounted on the tv bench it self. But this time its 75 inch tv

  3. I know you stated you were still in the middle of designing the entertainment center but besides for good content, what was the purpose of making the panel behind the TV. Was it just for the LEDs?

  4. The link in the description for the LED strip doesn’t seem to work anymore. Can you tell me what length kit you ordered? Was it the 16’ kit? Thank you.

  5. Can i pass the WHOLE TV electrical cord (plug) behind the wall and make another hole to come out of at the bottom next to the wall outlet? I have a small table the bottom that will hide the hole and outlet. Just not sure about passing the whole TV plug behind the wall.

  6. Awesome job but seems like a lot of work with the frame! Why not just tape the lcd strip right on the back of the TV


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