Heavy Gaming on the Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3 (IntelHD 620 + Nvidia MX150)


The Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3 is one of those fancy laptops with a Nvidia MX150 inside. What is that? Can you do super heavy AAA gaming on it?

You may, if you are willing to sacrifice graphics enough.

Buy the Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3:
Discount coupon:GBAIR13TN

Or the predecesor, the Xiaomi Notebook 12:
Similar m3 laptop, but from Xiaomi:

Discount Coupon:MIAIR256

Games tried: Nier: Automata, GTA V, Playerunknowns’s Battleground, Dishonored 2.

(This notebook was provided by Gearbest for the purposes of review. All opinions and experiments are my own)

Nguồn: https://taiduc.org

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  1. To the “WHERE IS FORNITE” crowd. The game went f2p two days ago. I am looking into it, hoping to have a video on it for next week.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm. Stop the message flood please.

  2. Dude you can change the language by clicking on the bottom left-hand corner 1:15 . ''语言'' means Language.

  3. I have a ROG Strix GL703 and its just soooo bad the idea of over packing power into a tiny laptop just feels yikes (it always runs like the heat of the sun). the whole being able to use and integrated gpu for light tasks seems pretty cool so thanks for that info. That's really helpful. I look for a laptop like that in the future and not over spend on a portable oven.

  4. gaming laptops are not a lost cause

    gaming laptops where the designers cut every corner possible to try and cram it into the form factor of a macbook air are a lost cause

  5. Nmms el Nier automata a 27fps NMMS
    Con 2GB VRam a 27fps?
    Nel compa, yo lo jugue y terminé con 1gbVram a 30fps sin modificaciones, solo las mínimas configuraciones gráficos

  6. i'm wanna buy the newest version of this laptop with the mx250… all the sources i checked said that it's only performing 3-4% better than the mx150… 😕

  7. The laptop would have alot better performance with a quad core rather then a dual core in my opinion. I'd pay for this laptop if it was a quad core. You could probably get 60fps on most games at 1080p with a bit of messing with the settings for the game.

  8. Any issues with this laptop? Im thinking into buying one for college and i dont wanna lose the abilitty to casually play


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