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Drift’n’Burn 365 is, as you would expect from the name, a racing game. Sure, there are loads of racing games out there, so the question is, does this game do anything better than the rest? The answer: it most absobalalutely does.

The first thing you’ll notice in Drift’n’Burn 365 is that the tracks are suspended hundreds of feet above the air by the forces of awesome. After getting over that, you’ll then notice that the graphics are pretty darn good. Well, sure, you won’t get any fancy shaders or snazzy lighting effects, but for a free online game, the visual impact is pretty nifty. Each car is modelled well and animates very well. You don’t have any static models here, each car (or truck) will move and shift along the track as you twist and turn and jump and slam your way through the tracks. And speaking of the tracks, they’re equally good. Seeing as how you’re suspended above the surface of the world, you get a great view of the mountains and the land below you, so long as you manage to ignore the fact that you’re seconds away from falling off the track to your doom.

In keeping with the high quality of the graphics, the audio plays out just as nicely. You’ve got great music that matches the action and you’ve got sound effects for all the different actions and events that can take place keeping you fully immersed. Skid across a turn? You’ll hear the screeching of the tires. Slam into another car? You’ll be rewarded with the crunch of metal. Push your car into a jump? You got it, you’ll get the revving of the engine. Everything has a sound effect and it keeps you well into the game.

As with most racers in this genre, you only really have to worry about driving around. No worries about shifting gears or anything of the sort, rather, you just have to keep your mind on driving your car carefully (or maniacally, it’s up to you really) and at times to shoot your guns. Oh, didn’t we mention the guns? Yeah, on some races, you’re not just in it to win the race, you’ve also got to take down all the competition to ensure that you’re the top dog.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the game is that the tracks are really out of there. You don’t have any rails, so you’ve really got to keep on your toes while racing or else you’re going to plummet to your doom. Further, you don’t have any of those easy little races where you just have to keep turning to the left. No, you’ve got jumps and turns and twists of every angle and speed here, so you’d better be ready.

The question then, does it really play better than other racers? As we said before, absobalalutely. So what are you waiting for? Go on and give Drift’n’Burn 365 a go!

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  1. So sad that this game is lost to time now, wish I could go back and play this more than anything else. Good times.

  2. Shockwave got rid of this game and the other Drift n' Burn games on their website. Same goes for Burnin' Rubber too.

  3. very nice, I really liked the elevated tracks, really challenging, I fell off too often because I was too fast going into the corners…lol, never use your boosters at the turns…lol, I also played the takedown and it is so much fun, I got me some nasty weapons scattered along the tracks and used it against my opponents…haha, this is really fun guys!

  4. the races are rigorous, you get to race daily on an elevated track…this is very challenging for me, all my opponents seem to want me off the track, they are always bumping me off and I am always playing catch up, this is really very hard, i think I need to slug it out with them if I want to win a race.

  5. Haha, i love those elevated tracks, quite challenging, I keep on falling off during the first time I played this one, the opponents are always trying to hit me sideways…and when I fall off, I will have to play catch up again, these guys gave me a good run all the way to the finish line, check it out, this one's cool and challenging.

  6. I like this one compared to the generic racers out there, at least the concept is original and the track is quite awesome, it is a little bit difficult because the opponents won't stop bumping you until you fall off the tracks but really fun to play, I got the hang of the race and it suddenly became fun, try it guys!

  7. This racer has a futuristic theme where the world has been ruined and everyone's still at it…racing I mean…hehe, but the race is harder compared to the normal race because the tracks are elevated and you could fall off the tracks if you're not very careful, this is fun…there are lots of cars to unlock and the tracks are very exciting to race on.

  8. this game is really fun, lots of racing to do, 365 in all, the game has decent graphics, the cars look good and quite easy to drive, and the tracks are out of this world, it's elevated…hehe,, I had fun  playing the game but I haven't finished it yet, I've only beaten 5 tracks so far…I'll play it again sometime and I'm going to beat it, check it out guys.

  9. the game has nice graphics and nice controls but I find it very difficult, the elevated tracks are unique but bad for racing, I fell off the track most of the time, and I had a difficulty catching up, when I played this game, I only managed to get 1 car of the 50 available, really difficult, maybe I need more practice with this one.

  10. I love the game, you are going to race non stop on an elevated tracks, your task in this game is to defeat all the other racers and you're going to do it every day for the whole year, I find the game fun and very challenging,the elevated tracks are dangerous to drive onto, one wrong move and you will fall of the track, the game is really fun, win all the races and collect 50 cars for your collection.

  11. The earth has been ruined by the works of mankind. But they have found a new way to survive and even continue their addiction in racing! Join the battle for the best racer here at Drift 'n" Burn 365! You will start at a certain day and the focus here is to win on each day to become the champion. There are 2 types of racing; the Classical race and the Takedown race. You will win separate cars for these 2 modes. You only need to win in 1st place on the Classical race while you need to use weapons in Takedown race to win.

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  12. This game is very challenging for me, I keep falling off the tracks, this race is quite hard but fun, in this game you'll be racing on an elevated track everyday for 365 days, keep on winning races and unlock lots of cars for your collection, this game has nice graphics and exciting game play, just avoid using the nitro near the corners and you'll be just fine.

  13. this racing game is different, you're going to race on an elevated track and you're going to do it 365 times, try to win all the races and unlock a collection of cars, this game is kind of difficult at the start, just like the first time I raced, I fell of the tacks a lot of times, but the game gets better as you get used to the tracks, the trick is staying at the middle and bumping the opponents at the sides so they'll fall off the ridge.

  14. This racing game runs on elevated tracks and you gotta' race 365 days try to win all the races and get to collect 50 exotic cars for your garage…this game is nice but kinda challenging…hehe. The opponents can actually bump you off the elevated tracks, and you gotta' play catch up with them…lol. When I played this game, I fell off the tracks so many times that I couldn't even establish a decent lead…hehe, cool game and very challenging…

  15. I like the elevated tracks…I've never raced in a track like this before…when I played this game , I fell off the tracks almost immediately…hehe. The level of difficulty is average to hard, this game becomes really challenging at some point of the race…I also tried to slug it out with the other cars but I fell off the tracks even more…lol. But this game is quite unique…you get to race all year round to your heart's delight…

  16. Drift'n'Burn 365, famous by its racing design and yes racing on high altitude circuit with almost 50 kinds of different car designs to collect. What I like most of this game is the used of nitros, I felt to drift and burn to win this race. Don't missed to exciting game of race of a lifetime. Falling off track is no problem at all just be sure to surpass all cars ahead within 365 drift and burn for sure 50 new cars will be rewarded. 😉

  17. This game has a futuristic racing concept…it has elevated tracks…I think the tracks suck…when I played this game I fell off the track too often, it's very frustrating, the opponents are very competitive…fierce even, they just keep on bumping and colliding with me, it's very annoying…maybe they should tone down the Ais a little bit, just lessen the bumping and more on the racing…or maybe a railing of some sort so you won't fall off the tracks…just sayin'…

  18. I love the futuristic feel of this game, I definitely like the elevated tracks but it was so hard the first time I played this game, I kept on falling off the tracks, I also noticed that the other cars keep on bumping me sideways…hehehe. Maybe this game was designed that way. I tried to stay in the middle of the lane but it's hard to win the race if you're always in the middle, especially when you're turning and you're trying to get to the inner radius of the curve…

  19. The game looks nice. The game concept is unique, this is my first time to race in an elevated track and I keep falling off the tracks. It's so hard to stay in the middle if the other racers keep on bumping my car, I fell off so many times, I almost gave up on the first level and the nitro boosters didn't help at all, maybe the timing 's off, I kept on zooming off the race track. It's good they didn't add any road obstacles, this game is hard enough as it is…uhm..maybe I chose the wrong car…

  20. I like the concept of this game. It's kinda' futuristic in nature. In this game you race for 365 days and every now and then you win a car by defeating your opponents. You can also get nitro boost to help you win but be careful when you're at the corners especially when you're drifting, If you fall off the tracks you're going to play catch up which is quite hard in these environments. The best strategy for winning the races is to establish an early lead and maintaining it up to the finish line.

  21. I fell a couple of times during my first try on the game and had to reset each single time which lead to losing however i never gave up and after plays i had grown accustomed to the controls and the race track its easy, just stay inside the middle road and don't get or avoid the red tracks, once you mastered that there will be no one to defeat you in this game.

  22. Nice graphics. The suspended roads are awesome. Not much drama on the road. The reminder on the roads are fine though it distracted me at first. I somehow gets used to it anyway. Nice race though lack some action I expect to be. Simple things happening on a race like busted tires and the challenge of changing. Just like how real car race is. A little more road obstacles will add some excitement. Overall the driftings are well but not as exciting.

  23. I like this game! I like its battle mode more than the normal racing mode but both are very good. The thing here is not to fall off the track or your car would reset on the track and would prove as a disadvantage since you would play catch-up. It's nice that there are five cars to pick from but you would eventually be able to get others by winning all races each day.

  24. Tear through the road and leave skid marks along the way. You can collect up to 50 cars in this game as stated in the description so there are very good milestones in this game and that is just one example. When cornering you get more nitro as you skid through the the corner.

  25. I like that you can choose from a variety of cars in this game, and they all look sleek too. Be careful not to fall over the ledge or you will get left behind. Besides racing with other cars, you also have to reach the portals or markers so that you will be given enough time to race.


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