Hey guys Youmuus here and today we are playing some Rengar jg on my highest elo account actually. ( which isnt my main bc i barely play on there ) This happens to be a Rengar only account in d4 and i thought u guys would enjoy some high elo carnage.

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My set up :

Keyboard :
Mouse :
Old mouse that was also pretty good :
Webcam :
Main Monitor :
Side monitors :
Usb hub : ( really important actually )

Pc specs :

Grapics card : ( really expensive rn wait til price drops )
Processor :
Ram : ( the new verson of what i have )
Cpu Cooler :
Case : ( closest one i can find to mine )
Hard drive / ssd :
Power supply :

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  1. Hope you guys enjoyed the video ! A lot of people are asking me for advice since its the end of the season so i thought i would make a guide / commentary

  2. youmuus can you pls gift me a pretty kitty rengar bundle i want a skin on him btw im from ph server i get to learn from your vids pls can you gift me that will be my only rengar skin

  3. If u don’t mind being a toxic asshole shttalking like the Darius is actually a good strat at tilting your enemy laner and making the enemy jungler to focus u so your team has less pressure

  4. Darius the only reason the video went so late and is interesting to watch. I agree with other comments trash guide.

  5. I’m a top laner Darius main, if I get fed it doesn’t matter I still lose bcz my teams feeds so I agree with your opinion

  6. bro im rengar main i jump 1vs 5 jinx soraka vayne akali and rengar , and last kill is be rengar in tower and i die from tower dmg because rengar atack me tower atack me and i just die but i get penta 🙂

  7. Im rengar main
    I preffer dh but electrocute isnt that bad
    I never played fleet footwork
    Dh, electrocute or fleet
    I need advice

  8. I like your account so much bro, I have been a fan for a while. This was some awesome content here. You just need a little bit more catchy title ya know. Like these other YouTubers don't have such great authenticity yet they have views. I believe its all in the catchy title and pic. Either way great stuff!

  9. With all these troll builds and stuff, I sometimes forget that Youmuus is actually a high level player lmao, good video!

  10. Hey guys, I've just started to make videos and would love to hear both people's opinions and ideas for new content, so come and watch, I'll be waiting 🙂

  11. Hey Yomuus can you try Shield Bash Ekko Btw Great Video😃. Try Using fully stack mejai and deathcap and other items that can give 1000 ap

  12. Great Video, also 1 trick with Rengar when u see the enemy that u are jumping has zhonyas / stopwatch just walk inside the ring while ulted and most of the times think that u are jumping and they waste there zhonyas / stopwatch and kill the afterwards. XD


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