Correct Install & setup of MX Player with Codec on Android


Guide to help you correctly Install & setup of MX Player with Codec

Link to download mxplayer and codec

We sell Zoomtak Smart Android TV Boxes & VPN routers that will protect all your network, Running a VPN direct from your router has many advantages, only using one of your allocated connections.

PLEASE NOTE:- The Law in the UK was changed in early May 2017, basically it is now illegal to stream any copyright material without paying for it. Expect to start receiving copyright infringement letters from your Internet service provider if you are not using a VPN to protect yourselves. This is not hype this is now the law.

More Information can be found here

A link to sign up for NordVPN

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  1. It's not working 4 me…. I have done everything but still…. The video is not audible. What can I doo…. Pls reply

  2. I have mxq pro 4K I have iptv service and when I’m download Mx player by play store but my iptv is down I thought I suppose to use apk better I really misunderstood if u want talk my email thx ✌️👽✌️

  3. Is it possible to play Blue-Ray disks directly off disk on Android ? Using Oculus Quest. I currently am sharing DVD drive and see it/folder using SkyBox. But file doesn't play, must need a aacs codec. Is there a blue-ray player for Android that might work? So much easier to just rent the movie and play it directly.

  4. Trying to install on nvidia shield. Keep getting can’t connect error message or ARMv7 NEON not compatible with my devices and cannot select for nvidia shield as hypertext is inactivated. It’s a mystery.

  5. Good day to you….my player still stopping every 28 seconds….only on series and tv….not on live streaming.can u please help

  6. I tried other people video to set this up and it was not as easy as you thank you for the excellent job keep up the good work it's appreciated.

  7. Hi Darren. Hope you had a great holiday. When do you think you'll be making the how to upgrade the OS on zoomtak Vplus devices from android 6.0.1 to the latest zoomtak OS release android 7.1.2

  8. Are there any firmware updates or Android OS upgrades available for the zoomtak vplus box? Mine is still running Android 6.01 would like to upgrade to latest android OS?


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