Connect a Blu-ray Player to Your LG Smart TV with webOS (2016 – 2017) | LG USA


Ready to connect your Blu-ray to your LG TV? LG’s webOS 3.0 smart TV platform makes fast and easy to upgrade your home entertainment experience and make the most of your LG TV. With Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D, you will enjoy all the latest movies in Full 1080p picture resolution—perfect for playing all your 3D or 2D Blu-ray and DVD movies. Better yet, our line of Blu-ray Disc™ Players upscales existing DVDs to near HD quality. Just watch this easy-to-follow LG Device Connector video, then grab your Magic Remote and you’re ready to set up your Blu-ray player.
Learn more about LG Blu-ray players here:
Initial Setup Guide:
LG Device Connector Playlist:


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  1. I have the regular remote, but need to select play on dvd bc the player dowsnt have a play button, but is showing the dvd previews and options
    on screen.


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