Climb With Rengar Jungle – One Shot For LP! (Ultimate Carry Guide)


🔵 Hard carry and climb with Rengar jungle in Season 9! 🔴

Jungle Routes:

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In this video we look at how and why Rengar jungle is strong! We look at jungle gameplay and tips in order to learn how to use him properly! Use him to dominate early game with unique and powerful early game ganking,counter jungling, counter ganking, fighting, and how to 1v9. We look at items, abilities, runes, and more! With all this, you should be able to hard carry and climb in Season 9 Ranked League of Legends!

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  1. Gave me a good laugh, "When you see the champion that's gonna tilt you, like this zilean, just kill him. Get it out of the way" hahahah

  2. You should def go over the combo for rengar if you are doing a guide for him especially if you are talking about items and runes etc.


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