CASINO AMBIANCE: Slots, Poker & Gambling in LAS VEGAS – 2 HOURS – The Ultimate Ambience!


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Part of the CITY AMBIANCE collection. 2 Hours of a Las Vegas casino, in-field recorded on site and later mixed to perfection. Missing your holiday to Vegas? Or planning on going? Or just find the casino atmosphere vitalizing or relaxing?

Some people find these great as sleep sounds, background sounds they can relax, and even meditate too (depending on what you’re meditating for). Ideal use for home or office, or even in a bar around the VLT room to liven up the atmosphere.

Something about the VLTs / Penny Slots that remind me of the English Coast, the Seaside resorts and the amusement arcades 🙂 For me, I like to play these when I’m feeling particularly nostalgic.

Field recorded on-location with high quality binaural asmr microphones. Use headphones for the best effect. 2 Hours.

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  1. Didn't know this video existed, I find the whole atmosphere of the casino's very comforting. When I took LSD for the first time, I envisioned myself at a casino. I should've put this on lol

  2. growing up in vegas you kinda learn to associate this noise with a fun night out with family, and this noise is very much opposite to the sound of loneliness

  3. I don't gamble or even have a casino where I live but for some reason I love this sound it's so soothing to me.

  4. Aaah yes! The sounds of chimes, cha-chings, slots and the ambiance of people with rare music from somewhere.

    I could use this to sleep tonight! 🙂🙂🙂☺☺☺

  5. i use this any time when I play online casino because its so quiet 😀
    PS(And I love this to fall asleep with this!)


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