Blackberry Passport Silver Edition: Unboxing & Comparison


Blackberry has updated the Passport with the Silver Edition. Although the specs and software are carried over, we get an improved design featuring a stronger metal frame, improved keyboard ergonomics, and a more premium look. The silver Edition also gets 3 new accessories which I also look at in this video.

Pricing & Availability:

Full Blackberry Passport Review:

CPU: 2.26Ghz Snapdragon 801
GPU: Adreno 330
Display: 4.5″ LCD IPS 1440 x 1440 pixels (~453 ppi pixel density)
Camera Main: 13MP @ 1080p/60fps with OIS
Camera Secondary: 2MP 720p
Battery: 3450 mAh

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  1. jedyną zaletą tych telefonów to bardzo dobre wykonanie,poza tym BB jest do tego stopnia nudny,że już sam jego widok wywołuje u człowieka senność,wiadomości z pierwszej ręki.

  2. This phone use in tamilnadu India or not use tamilnadu blackberry os, using or not using in tamilnadu Pls tell me frds?

  3. I really believe if The Blackberry Passport would have used Android instead of there OS and bump up the screen they would have made a killing in sales

  4. Jeez!!! Its a pure sex. My goodness! I have a black BB Passport and it seems i have to get a silver one too!!!

  5. Ugh. This phone is just amazing. Brings back a lot of good memories. Unfortunately I couldn't keep the phone safely and the screen just stopped working. Hopefully, I may get the same phone again. Let's see.

  6. This phone had such quality about it. I miss it so much. Oh the memories. This was the first and last phone I ever bought over 500$. Dam you blackberry! Why you gotta stop supporting this! Dam you!

  7. I've used all the recently released blackberry smartphones Inc the PRIV, keyone silver,black,bronze and of course the key 2 silver and currently the key2 all black which is Hella sexy. But I always wanted to hold a passport of which chances are pretty slim since key2 gives me all the apps I need and bb10 nearly dead with apps continuously shutting down. I hope key 3 would be the size size as key2 but as wide as the passport with a 3 row keyboard, would buy that as soon as it gets released in states.

  8. No whatsapp…???
    No whatsapp….
    No Whatsapp…..
    Nice phone , but no Whatsapp, I dont preffer to bu this one…

  9. Dammit this makes me want the Passport SE even more..I swear I'm gonna buy this, no matter what! #BlackBerry4Life

  10. Trying to find one of these to buy and they're impossible to find now in silver. If anyone has one for sale, let me know.

  11. How I wish there were 5 rows just as in other BB devices. Wouldn't have minded the device becoming slightly longer.

  12. Hi
    Appreciate your video
    I am very much planning to buy balckberry passport .two question on my mind
    1) is silver edition advanced version of black version black berry passport?
    2) I really don't use much of apps excepts basics one like WhatsApp
    So work on it ?
    Since am new to BB
    Please reply asap


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