Arsenal's Sagna gets Range Rover Wrapped PINK! Sweet Wrap


Fast, Furious and Funny’s top man Yianni wraps Arsenal player Bacary Sagna’s Range Rover in pink! Subscribe to Fast, Furious & Funny –

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  1. This wrap crap is about the worst thing ever to happen to vehicles. Right up there with spinning trims an steering wheels made of chain. Puke! Hopefully this fad ends soon.

  2. Why all the hateful comments at the end of the day everyone's saying Sagna is ugly which I agree and yes money talks that's why he's got a beautiful wife but if u look at most rich men around the world they all have pretty young women on there arm

  3. He nigga becomes good money and she can buy anythink she give him sex and He give more money its good Deal I think.

  4. Imagine if he was a KFC worker, she wouldn't even look at him twice! These black fools are an embarrassment to their race, no wonder white people call them dunce.


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